Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

If you’re a driver from the Port Jervis or Newburgh area, you may be wondering how to properly prep your vehicle for winter. While winterizing a vehicle can consist of a number of steps, we’ve worked to pick the top four ways we believe you can get through winter successfully on the road of Monticello.

Top Four Ways to Prep Your Car for New York Winter

  • Check Your Tires:
    With snowy and icy roads ahead, tires mean everything. We suggest equipping your vehicle with a set of winter tires to better improve your handling on winter roads. If you prefer all-season tires, be sure to check things like tread depth. Additionally, changes in weather can cause fluctuation with your tire pressure.
  • Inspect Fluids:
    From oil to ant-freeze, be sure to check your vehicle's fluids. At our dealership, we offer a service center that can top off any fluids that may need it. That way, you can rely on your vehicle when it gets cold.
  • Put A Winter Supply Box in Your Car:
    Having a box of winter supplies can save you from a major headache should the unfortunate happen. A winter supply box should have things like warm clothes, a flashlight and a first-aid kit.
  • Change Your Wipers:
    As we enter winter months in Middletown, you may want to change your windshield wipers. By doing so, you can help ensure your windshield remains clear no matter the conditions.

The best way to winterize your vehicle is by scheduling a service at our service center. Once you do, our team can perform the services your vehicle needs to keep moving forward.

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